5 Best Mini Grow Tent for Incredible Indoor Planting

mini grow tent

If you have few plants and want to raise them quickly, mini grow tent are the solution. It will create the perfect conditions for growing in a small space. These are just as good and give you the same results as normal size ones. Honestly, buying a mini grow tent will bring many more positive elements.

In this review, we framed the highest quality mini grow tents on Amazon. After long research, he found these five products. Read the contents carefully to understand the characteristics of the tent better. Without any further stir, let me introduce you to the five mini grow tents.

1. VIVOSUN Mini Grow Tent

vivosun mini grow tent

It’s the first product on our list. If you have small plants and do not want to spend a lot of money on grow tents, this mini grow tent is ideal. It provides you the space you need to grow, its dimensions being 30 “x18” x36 “.

For your plants to grow efficiently, they need water, light, and the right temperature. You are lucky because this mini grow tent offers them all.

The durable and thick material, together with the reflective mylar liner, will keep the light in the tent. Also, the material is non-toxic and does not allow pests to enter the tent. Thus, the plants will benefit from a great environment.

The observation window allows you to view the plants. There is no need to open the tent and disturb the condition of the plants. At the same time, the window will improve ventilation. The plants will benefit from clean air and the ideal temperature.

You can trust this tent because it offers the safety of your plants. Sturdy metal poles do their job like a book. You have nothing to complain about in this magic mini grow tent.

The package contains a removable floor tray. It makes the tent very easy to clean. Remove the tray, remove the contents, and the tent will be clean again. Simple like ABC, right?

Even if you are a beginner, don’t worry. Vivosun has adapted the tent for all types of people. They made it easy to install. Even a child can assemble it(Tools are not required).

This mini grow tent has a lot of elements that you will not find in the other tents. It impressed over 1000 customers and garnered a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, so this grow tent deserves 1st place. It’s fantastic. Check out the link below and buy the product.


  • Good material
  • 96% reflective mylar
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Observation window
  • Fast installation
  • Perfect for small spaces


  • You will observe minor light leaks around the zipper

2. Quictent mini Grow Tent

quictent growing tent

When you read the name of this mini grow tent, you probably wondered what a small company is looking for in 2nd place in this top. I chose to put the product made by Quictent because it is excellent for all categories of people. The tent can be used without problems whether you are a beginner or professional. I guarantee you will get results.

It is made of 600D canvas material, and on the inside, it is lined with 98% reflective mylar. It makes the perfect team. It blocks the interior light and creates an ideal thermal environment for your plants.

The metal poles offer resistance. The tent will provide the necessary security for the plants to grow healthy. Pheromones also run smoothly and are durable. These add to the strength of the tent.

No tools will be required because installation is quick. You can utilize the tent both indoors and outdoors. Insects will be unable to get inside, and the cold does not affect plant health.

The observation window will improve air circulation, thus creating a cleaner environment inside. You will not need to open the tent and affect the condition of the plants because it helps you look inside.

The package also contains a floor tray that will make cleaning easy. It gathers all the residue, keeping the tent permanently clean.

I left a link where you can find the product. It managed to reach a 4.3-star rating from over 700 customers. You can view for yourself how good this mini grow tent is. It also has some defects (check cons).


  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor
  • Durable
  • Observation window
  • Simple to clean
  • Great zippers
  • Keep all light in
  • Good ventilation


  • Not sturdy at all
  • The exterior material is not great

3. CoolGrows 24″x24″x36″ Mini Grow Tent

coolgrows mini grow tent

Ideal for growing plants inside your home. This mini grow tent will give you fast results. Inside, you can store some small plants, its dimensions being 24″x24″x36″.

The tent will create the necessary conditions that your plants need to grow healthy. The temperature is ideal. The material does not allow cold to enter, and the window will improve air circulation. Therefore, the plants will benefit from fresh air.

The interior is lined with reflective mylar, which improves the quality of light in the tent. The material from the outside, 600D canvas, keeps the light in the tent, and the zippers do not allow leaks. As you can see, this mini grow tent does not allow light to come out. Create an artificial sun for your plants that significantly improves the results.

To install the tent, you only need two hands. The tools are not necessary. The metal pillars join easily, thus offering the resistance of the tent. The thick material also improves strength.

You will notice a window on an exterior wall. It will allow you to look at your plants without disturbing their condition. Also, air circulation will be improved without compromising the environment.

Cleaning is simple. The floor tray included in the package will collect all the leftovers. All you’ve to do is remove the tray and empty the contents. Simple like ABC.

When it comes to customer reviews, this mini grow tent surpasses them all. It topped the impressive number of 3000 customers, reaching a rating of 4.6 stars. It is clear that the product does its job, so you have nothing to lose. Order now!



  • No contact information
  • Zippers are made of cheap material

4. Nova Microdermabrasion Grow Tent Kit

Nova Microdermabrasion Grow Tent Kit

It is the fourth product on my list. The product is excellent, maybe even higher quality than previous products. I place this mini grow tent in the 4th place because I’m not too fond of some things (Check cons). Even if it has some negative features, the product will create the ideal environment for the efficient growth of your plants.

The main factor that plants need to thrive is light. This mini grow tent will create powerful light. The interior is lined with 100% reflective mylar, which drastically improves light. The thick 600D canvas exterior material will not allow light to leave the tent.

The temperature is right. The cold does not penetrate inside, so that the tent can be installed in an outdoor garden. My recommendation is to place the tent inside to avoid any contact with pests (insects).

With the help of the observation window that Nova Microdermabrasion has made available to you, you can quickly look at your plants. There will be no need to disturb the condition of the plants or compromise the indoor environment.

Cleaning is done with the removable floor pipe. It is easy to use; even a child can clean the tent without problems.

The assembly will not cause you any problems. This mini grow tent is easy to install (no tools required). In any case, if you have problems, consult the instruction manual. You can find it in the package upon delivery.

It impressed over 1100 customers on amazon and gathered a rating of 4.6 on Amazon. It solved the problems of hundreds of people who gave a positive rating to this mini grow tent. Without further ado, I leave below the link that will direct you to the product.


  • Lightproof
  • 100% reflective mylar
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Observation window
  • Great ventilation
  • Simple to install
  • Sturdy
  • Durable


  • Light leaks around the zipper
  • Some people have problems with missing parts

5. HANGKAI mini Grow Tent

hangkai mini grow tent

It is the last product on the list. Don’t be influenced by the fact that it is in the last position; this is an excellent product. It has a good design so that you can use it inside your home. Creates the ideal conditions for ridges. Provides plants with light, safety, and a reasonable temperature.

The interior is lined with 98% reflective mylar, which is water-resistant. It will amplify the light in the tent, giving the plants faster growth. Also, the 600D canvas exterior material does not allow light to pass through.

This mini grow tent is easy to install. Even a child can install it without problems because no tools are needed.

The package contains a removable floor tray that will help clean the tent. It gathers all the dirt in the tent. You must remove the tray and empty it. The tent will be permanently clean if you do this process that takes a few minutes.

Durable metal poles provide resistance. They will not allow the tent to collapse. The plants will be in maximum safety; you don’t have to worry.

The observation window improves ventilation. The air in the tent will always be clean. Also, the window allows you to watch the evolution of plants safely. You will no longer need to open the tent.

On Amazon, it managed to reach a rating of 4.6 stars. Most customers were satisfied with the product, so you should have no reason to doubt it. I left you a link below that will direct you to the product. Please hurry up and buy the product while it is still in stock.


  • Great ventilation
  • Lightproof
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to clean
  • Observation window
  • Perfect for indoor growing
  • Durable


  • Smell leaks from vents
  • Bad zippers

Buying Guide

Mini grow tents are ideal if you store a few small plants in a small space that creates perfect conditions. Buying a mini grow tent requires a lot of responsibility, so that I will guide you. I will leave below some elements that you must check when you buy a mini grow tent:

  • Make sure the product is durable– I’m sure you don’t want a tent to collapse on your plants.
  • The light must be kept inside – Read the features carefully, but also the reviews. Some companies will ensure some things that are not real, so it is good to check the opinions of other customers.
  • Make sure you get results – Look for tents that have good reviews. Read the reviews and see how the tent works. If you do everything right, the results will come.
  • It should create your comfort– Don’t buy a tent that takes up most of your time. Make sure you install it easily. Cleaning must be done quickly, and the observation window must be present.

Respect everything I told you above, and your purchase will be spent. You will get fast results, you will save time, and you will enjoy beautiful plants. Check out the list I left you above. We have gone five products from which you can choose.


1) How big are mini grow tents?

As you can see in the name, these are small. Most do not exceed the dimensions of 2x2x3 inches. With their help, you can grow some plants quickly, creating an environment similar to standard-sized tents.

2) Can I install mini-grow tents indoors?

Of course. Most of them are made in such a way that you can place them inside your home. You’ll get the same results regardless of the environment in which you place the tent.

3) How to use a mini grow tent?

They are easy to use. Even easier than normal tents. They are small and easy to handle; even a beginner can get results in a short time.

4) How many plants can I store in a mini grow tent?

You can’t grow too many plants. 3-4 small plants are enough to occupy the space inside.

5) What are the best mini-grow tents?

The best ones are presented above. There are others, but these are among the only ones that give you fast results.


You have finally reached the end of this article. I hope I helped you and saved you some time. I managed to find the best mini grow tents, so I made a list and presented them to you above.

All products are effective, but my favorite is the first product (VIVOSUN mini grow tent). Vivosun reappears with a great grow tent. I recommend the Vivosun company because they

produce quality products. Without further ado, I will end this review here. If you have any problems, please address us in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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